About Me...

I picked up my first camera at age 9 and haven't yet let go...


First as a newspaper photographer/photojournalist then as a studio shooter, I have traveled the country photographing interesting things and influential people.


In addition to photography I have also acquired a teaching credential and have been teaching photography at the college level for several years.


If you find my work interesting please let me know. If you do not find it interesting...well, let me know that, also.


My team and I are available to provide the best that this medium can provide... just give us a call.

And remember...never give up.


What do all these people have in common? I have photographed them all.
Gerald Ford Pete Townsend Oprah Winfrey Dr. Jonas Salk Elizabeth Hurley Melanie Lynskey Tom Ewell Bjork Roger Daltrey Toby Keith The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Elke Sommer Erte Ray Bradbury Peter Max George Hamilton Danny Elfman Jimmy Connors Bjork John Elway Warren Moon Doug Flutie Jet Li